Since the beginning of time, nothing has ever stayed the same. All life forms eventually die, continents move, stars burn out, even the universe itself is always expanding and contracting. Think about it, nothing ever stays the same. Everything is always changing. Everything except the Greater Force that's supposedly out there. (Most refer to this supernatural being as "God".) Some scientists believe that the creation of intelligent life form was a fluke. Taking into consideration that we change like the rest of all that we know to be in the universe, this theory presents another possibility: That God is the fluke. As far as we know, God has meant the same thing to us throughout the history of the human race but has been interpreted many different ways. No way is the right way for everyone, we can only know what is right for us from what we believe in. So whether you've found your way or not consider this theory. God might have been the fluke in the creation of all existence. But what created God? Both the question and the answer are timeless.

If Adam and Eve were the only two people on this earth at one time, then in order for further generations to exist, their children had to inbreed. With that in mind, consider that we are the retards and special eds. of a superhuman being that God originally created (according to the Bible).

Sometimes the best philosophies can be explained in a single sentence. This came to me as I was driving to work...

"You cannot genuinely approve of other's way of life until you can laugh at your own."

Tell me what you have to say. This may already be the root of the theory, or it could be just the beginning. I can only take it this far.